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October 9, 2012

Erin Ewer Wrath

Erin Ewer Wrath
Tube Erin Ewer- Wrath purchased from MyTubedArt

Font: TheNauticalGal

No PTU supplies used

1. New image 500 x 500

2. On your color palate make foreground color a color from your tube/image

3. Use eclipse tool Style solid, width 4, meter limit 15, anti-alias checked; draw circle in center of canvas

Objects, align, center in canvas, okay

Convert to raster

4. On your color palate, pick another color from tube/image for foreground

5. Use eclipse tool, dash dot dot style, width 4, meter limit 15, anti-alias checked; draw smaller circle to the left of original circle

Position to where it appears they join and convert to raster- DO NOT MERGE

6. On duplicate, image resize 45% (do not check resize all layers), okay

Position as desired within larger circle

7. Using selection tool, select inside larger circle.

Select modify, expand 2, select invert, click on image later & hit delete, move this layer below the smaller circle

8. On larger circle add drop shadow

Drop shadow settings, 2, -2, 95, color black

9. On image layer go to effects, texture effects, fur

Fur settings:

Blur 20, density 38, length 82, transparency 222, ok

10. On smaller circle add drop shadow

Drop shadow settings 2, -2, 95, color- choose lighter color from tube

Repeat changing the settings to -2, 2, 95, same color

11. Copy tube, paste as new layer, resize 55%, DO NOT RESIZE ALL LAYERS

12. Position where it looks like it is coming out of small circle.

Add drop shadow to tube

Drop shadow settings -5, 5, 75, color black- duplicate

Move duplicated tube to top and erase to make it look like the tube is coming out of all layers

13. Merge visible and duplicate

On bottom image, adjust blur, Gaussian blur, radius 5, okay

14. Move top image slightly down and to the left

15. On bottom image:

Effects, texture effects weave

Weave settings gap size: 1, width: 1, opacity: 2, weave and gap colors; white, check fill gaps, ok

(this adds depth to tag)

16. Merge visible and crop as needed

***tip***At this point I add another layer and bring to bottom. Flood fill this layer with dark color and then a light color. This allows you to check for abnormalities ect with tag.

17. Add copyrights and license number to tag

Either add light gradient glow OR add drop shadow with the following settings

1, -1, 85, 2, color white repeat with the following settings -1, 1, 85, 2, color white

This gives the illusion of gradient glow.

18. Save to offers folder and enjoy