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September 29, 2012

Waiting For You - Tutorial

Waiting For You


Tube of Choice: (find one with a good scenic image)

I used Zindy S.D. Nielsen’s Waiting for You

Example at the bottom

Anna Marine Forest Tube from Package 11

Scrap Kit:

Chaos Priestess Dream a Little Dream from Whisprd Designz


Made by Paully - HERE


Butter Unsalted


Eye Candy 4000: Gradient Glow and Shadow lab

Xero: Nostalgia

PSP v9

The ideas and concepts used in this tutorial are mine and mine alone.

I am assuming you have a basic knowledge of psp, however if you have questions on this tutorial, feel free to contact me

Lets get started:

1. Open my template

Shift D, close original

Delete my layer

2. Copy grass element

Paste as new layer

Position below template layer at the bottom, the grass should look like it is growing behind the template

3. Copy bricks element 2

Paste as new layer, move to bottom and position in the lower right corner

Duplicate brick and mirror.

Position next to original brick to give the illusion of one long brick layer

4. Open tube/image combo

Copy image layer of tube (I chose one that had a pretty setting in the top half of the image)

Position with the pretty or focal point of image above the bricks, duplicate, mirror and position as needed. Once you have both images together as one, merge the images

5. With image layer active, use selection tool, draw rectangle around black border of my template, select invert, delete, and select none. This removes excess from image.

Effects, Xero, Nostalgia (all settings should be at zero), ok

6. Copy clock element

Paste as new layer

Image, resize 75%- do NOT check resize all layers, ok

Position above image where tube from image will be located

Effects, gradient glow

Gradient Glow Settings:

Color Tab- thin

Actual Color- white

Basic glow width-5

Soft corners 25%

Opacity 100

Check draw only outside selection box


Effects, Xero soft mood

Soft Mood Settings:

Haziness: 50

Glow Red: 50

Brightness: 0

Contrast: 0


7. Copy tube, paste as new layer

Position in correct location over image

Note this should be top layer behind template


On original Effects, Eye Candy 4000 Shadow lab

Shadow lab Settings:

Center offset direction: 315

Center offset distance: 5

Overall opacity: 100

Overall blur: 3.12

Perspective blur: 0

Color: black

Check: draw only outside selection


8. Select duplicate tube- move to top

Eraser tool: erase bottom portion of tube and any excess covering side of template.

The top of the tube should be above the top faded block of the template and the bottom now gives the illusion of being below the bottom faded block of the template

9. Copy wordart_01

Paste as new layer, resize 80%

Use selection tool to select wording below the term Inspiration- delete

Position inspiration word to the side of your tube

Duplicate and merge

Effect, drop shadow

Drop shadow settings:

Vertical: 3

Horizontal: -4

Opacity: 91

Blur: 3

Color: black


Effect, drop shadow

Use settings above modifying the vertical to -1 and horizontal to 1

10. Copy element of choice (I used bow03)

Paste as new layer

Resize 40%

Position over large A in the word art

Change blend mode of layer to luminance

Effect, drop shadow

Drop shadow settings:

Vertical: -1

Horizontal: 1

Opacity: 91

Blur: 3

Color: black


11. Merge Visible

12. Add copyrights and license numbers

13. *personal preference*

Effect, Gradient Glow

Gradient Glow Settings:

Color Tab- thin

Actual Color- white

Basic glow width-3

Soft corners 25%

Opacity 100

Check draw only outside selection box


14. Save tag to offers folder

*personal preference*

I save my tags in the following way

Artist initials, company initials, name of tube, scrap initials, date, my initials and year


15. Add name or snag saying

Font: butter

Size 72, stroke width2

Foreground color- choose color from tube

Background color- black

Effect, drop shadow

Drop shadow settings:

Vertical: 5

Horizontal: 5

Opacity: 75

Blur: 5

Color: black


16. Save to tags for folks folder (when saving I put name of receiver in front of artist initials) and you are done!



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