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May 18, 2012

Zindy - Growing Tut

Supplies Needed

Tube- Zindy - Fairy of September

Scrap kit- Digitalcrea Freebie "Jardin et Merveilles"

Part 3 (free until May 23rd)

Font- Buffet Script

This tutorial was written by me on May 18, 2012. Any similarities are pure coincidence.

Please do not rip my tutorials.


Lets get started.

1. New Image 650x650, we will resize later

2. Copy alive_design_bulle_jardin_etmerveilles and paste as new layer

resize 40%

effect, gradient glow, color fluorescent tubing

opacity 0, width 4, soft corners 25, overall opacity 100, check draw only outside selection

3. Copy and paste word art of choice. I used bellisaedesigns_jardinsetmerveilles_E12

resize 40%, bring to left

4. Copy bellisaedesigns_jardinsetmerveilles_E16, paste as new layer

resize 35%

5. Duplicate, bring the original below the gradient glow layer.

On the copy, erase the left side and the bottom right corner (this will give the illusion that is is through the circle)

6. Copy bellisaedesigns_jardinsetmerveilles_E14 and paste as new layer

resize 35%

image mirror, flip and position as you like (erase excess)

Duplicate, hide and save for later

7. Merge visible and resize 70%

8. Copy paper of choice. (I used the example that showcases all the papers) paste as new layer and bring to the bottom

9. Use mask of choice

10.Duplicate the mask layer and hide the original.

On the copied mask: effects, texture effects, fir, default settings ok, erase all that shows outside the gradient glow circle

unhide the original

11. Add tube of choice and add drop shadow

12. undide flower from step 11, erase swirled stem (should be left with just the flower)

change the blend to luminance

13. merge visible

resize/crop as desired

(do this BEFORE adding copyright information)

14. Add copyrights and license numbers

15. Save and share

*I save mine in the following format if it helps

artistinitials.nameoftube.intialofscrap (if used).nameoftag.myinitials.year

This tag was saved as zz.fairyofsept.dc.growing.pj12