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September 3, 2011

Sexy Grunge

Sexy Gurnge
Supplies: Tube used Brandy Everett Little Bit Broken used with license from MTA
Scrap kit: Sexy Grunge by Butterfly Kisses Scraps
Font: Catharsis Cargo
Plugins: Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow
I am assuming you have a basic knowledge of paint shop pro
Please note that my ideas are mine and mine alone.
Lets get started
1. New image 650 x 650, we will resize later
2. Forground light color from tube, background dark color from tube (this will assist in making gradient),
foreground color- foreground-background gradient- linear style, angle and repeats 0,inverted checked
background color nil
3. Draw rectangle to a size of choice
4. Draw rectangle with foreground black, background null- line style diamond, width 4
place this over the first rectangle, change blend mode to soft light and merge
rename rectangle 1
5. Image rotate free rotate 5 to the left
effects, mosaic glass; # of columns 72, # of rows 48, glass curvature 9, edge curvature 3, grout width 0, grout diffusion 92
Rename rectangle 2
6. Using your magic wand, select inside of rectangle 1, select modify expand by 3
layer new raster layer, copy paper 20 and paste into selection
7. Copy Deco01 paste as new layer, select invert- delete, select none
change blend mode to burn and merge with paper 20

rename background
8. Duplicate 3 x's
A- original- effects- mosaic antique settings- # of columns 56, # of rows 51, tile diffusion 40, grout width 2, grout diffusion 73
rename back 1

B- 1st copy, same effect, change # of coulumns to 63
rename back 2

C. 2nd copy, same effect, change # of columns to 78

rename back 3

9. Select rectangle 1, eyecandy 4000, gradient glow, thin - width 4, soft corners 25, opacity 100, ok
add drop shadow of choice

10. Copy flower string, image resize 50%, paste as new layer, move behind tube- erase excess

rename string

11. Copy rose of choice, move above the white layer
 change opacity to 70,
effects, artistic effects, topography, use default settings
effects, texture effects, blinds- width 3, opacity 100, color white- horizontal checked
repeat with vertical checked
rename rose
12. Add new layer, flood fill white, send to bottom

rename white

*add additional elements as desired

10. Crop and resize tag as desired

11. Add tube of choice and place in desired location. I have my tube centerd and will add name around it.
12. Add copyright, make sure step 10 is done first.
add license number and give credit to scrapper

13. Save as psp image to offers folder
14. Add name


Open animation shop

1. Hide backs 2 and 3, copy merged, paste as new animation in a.s.

2. Hide backs 1 and 3, copy merged, paste after current frame

3. Hide backs 1 and 2, copy merged, paste after current frame

4. Animation, frame properties, 35, ok

5. View animation

6. Save

Thank you Sweet Mary for trying my tut


Denim Days

Tube- Example #1 Rossana Castellino-timetraveller

found at Dreamscape Imaging

Example #2 MJBivouac- Valentine Pen found at MyTubedArt

Scrap- Denim Days by KnC Scrapz
Mask- 344 from Insaitable Dreams
I am assuming you have a working knowledge of paint shop pro

Lets get started:

New Image W-650 H 650 w/ transparent background- we will resize later

1. Flood fill white

2. Copy pocket2, paste as new layer, resize by 60%

*pocket layer should be on top

3. Apply the mask, merge group (we may resize later

4. Copy tires, paste as new layer, resize by 60%

(this should be centered in work area)

5. Copy tag2, paste as new layer, resize by 30%

bring below the tires and try to match a bit with smaller tire hole

6. Copy button rope, resize 30%, place in cneter of bow (tag 2)- see examples

7. Copy tube of choice, paste as new layer, rezise 60%

place tube into the bottom tip of tag 2, erase any excess

add drop shadow of choice to tube

8. Copy image of tube used and paste as a new layer

bring layer behind the tires and center area you want displayed in large tire

using your magic wand, select the inside of the larger tire, modify- expand by 5, select invert, click on image and delete.

(all excess should now be removed- select none

9. Copy glitter, paste as new layer, resize 50%

place below tube, barely above the larger tire

10. Resize mask layer to fit your tag ( I resized by 75%)

11. Add drop shadows of choice to your different elements

12. Add additional elements as desired.

13. Hide white layer and merge visible,

crop area to fit tag

resize to your taste- do this BEFORE adding copyright and license information

14. Add copyrights and license number (add thin white gradient glow as needed), give credit to scrapper

15. Save to your offers folder

16. Add font of choice, I used Dystorque BRK for the first tag and Qwigley for the second

Thank you Sweet Mary for trying my tut!