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August 21, 2011

Sweet and Sassy

Sweet and Sassy

Tube of Choice- I am using a PUT 100-1 used with a license from CDO
Scrap kit- Girls of PMTw/S with Grunge and Glitter Portion
Font- Lindsay Party Gras
1. open new 750 * 750 we will resize later

2. Click on preset shape tool, eclipse, line style- dash dot, width 2, draw large circl

Pick color from tube for foreground, leave background blank

3. Change color of foreground to black and draw slightly larger circle

place to where they barely touch in the top right corner (see example)

move below dashed circle

effects, eyecandy 4, chrome, outdoor, default settings, ok

4. Copy paper2, paste into larger circle (line syled)

5. Use eraser tool and erase paper 2 from inner circle

6. Merge the two layers together

7. Eyecandy 4000, gradient glow, medium glow, color pink, with of choice, i use 4

8. Open paper11, select eclipse tool, on materials palate foreground blank, background choose the pattern from paper 11, draw a circle to fit inside dotted circle

* does not have to be perfect- move to bottom

9. Using a pixel or small fine print font (I used pixelberry font size8, anti-alias sharp, type the words sweet and sassy, conver to raster, repeat with different color and merge

10. Effects, MuRa's Filter Meister copies, tiling angle,okay

11. Click on layer with paper 11, select all, select float, select invert, click on text layer and hit delete, erase excess as needed

12. Merge visible and resize as desired

13. copy heartelement, paste as new layer, resize to fit inside dashdot, on layers palate change blend mode to overlay

14. Duplicat merged, adjust blur, guasion blur, 6, ok, move to bottom

image resize 110% (just this layer)

effects, distortion, wind from left (or right your choice), 10, ok

15. Effects, texture, mosaic glass, default settings okay, lower opacity to 75%

16. Copy tube, paste as new layer, add drop shadow of choice, I use 2, -2, 75, 5, black

17. copy steelmesh, paste as new layer, resize 50%, send to bottom

18. Add white raster layer to bottom, crop as desired

19. AFTER you have cropped and resized, add copyrights and licnese numbers

give credit to scrapper, save to offers folder

20. add a name and share


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