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August 6, 2011

Summer Beauty


Summer Beauty
I am assuming you have a working knowledge of paint shop pro

Template: Fantasy Girl  
Scrap: Where the Boat Leaves from Grunge and Glitter  
Tube of choice, I used: 4-1 RobertFreeman_Autumn from CDO
Mask of choice
Font of choice, I used: A&S Snapper
Plugins used: Xero, Filters UL, Eye Candy

Lets get started
1.  Copy Template- Shift D, close the original
      image, resize, 400 pixels, 72dpi, all layers checked (I prefer smaller tags, feel free to make larger)
      merge the copyright layer and wordart layers and delete

2.  Copy paper7
     click on layer 4 of template
     using magic wand, select inside (pink square), paste into selections, select none
     effects, xero, soft mood- use default settings
     effects, distortion, wind: from left 15, ok

3.  On template, merge layers 2 and 3 (black rectangles)
     use magic wand and select both (select one and while holding shift select the other)
     paste into selection (you should still have paper 7 in que- if not copy and paste as above), select none
     effects, filters UL, paper textures, Japanese paper- intensity 84 lightness 87, apply
     add drop shadow of choice, I used a light one- 0, 0, 85, 5, black

4.  Copy paper 8
     On template, merge layers 7 and 8 (black circles)
     use magic wand and select both
     paste into selection, select none
     effects, inner bevel, settings: bevel 2, width 10, smoothness 25, depth 10, ambience 0, shininess 20, color
        white, angle 6, intensity 35, elevation 75
     effect, eye candy 4000, Motion trail: direction 225, length 44.85, taper 6, overal opacity 95, check smear
        color from edges, ok

5.  Copy frame 1, paste as new layer, resize 60% and duplicate
     place over each of the pink sparkle circles (layers 5 and 6)
     make it to where the ribbon portions of the circles are not seen
     delete the pink sparkle circles

6.  Copy ropeladder, paste as new layer,
     image, rotate, free rotate 30
     delete layer 1 of template (pink slant)
     effects, drop shadow 3, -3, 85, 5, black,ok

7.  Copy boat, paste as new layer
     change blend mode (below color palate) to overlay

8.  Copy ribbon 2, paste as new layer
     image resize 50%
     image, rotate, free rotate 90 right,
     move below #3

9.  Copy paper 7, paste as new layer, arrange send to bottom
     layer, new raster layer, flood fill white, arrange send to bottom
     add mask of choice

10. Copy and paste tube as new layer, arrange send to top, add drop shadow of choice

11. Add additional embelishments as desired

12. Hide bottom layer, merge visible, resize as desired

(do this BEFORE adding copyrights)

13. Place copyrights and any license numbers as well as scrap by: on tag

14. Save to offers folder

15. Add name and share


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