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August 5, 2011



Tube of choice: Top Tag: Rossana Castellino-ravenclaw Bottom Tag Robin McQuay-Dancing with Pain- both used with a license from Dreamscape Imaging

Scrap of choice: I am using You Are by Schnegge, also used with a license from Dreamscape Imaging

Font- MonAmourScriptPro

Mask of choice

Lets Begin!

New Image W-550 H 550 w/ transparent background

1.  Copy foldedpaper_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image, Rotate, Free Rotate, 90 Left or right, your choice

2.  Copy frame01_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image resize, 65%, Do NOT have resize all layers checked
     Image rotate, free rotate 90 left (do NOT have rotate all layers checked)

3.  Copy border02_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image, resize 65%, position as desired on top of frame

4.  Copy bow11_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image, resize 85%
     Image rotate, free rotate 40 left (do NOT have rotate all layers checked)
     Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more

5.  Copy IMAGE that matches or compliments your tube
     paste as new layer, move below frame
     use magic wand- select inside frame
     select modify expand 6,
     click on image, select invert and hit delete key

6.  Effects, xero soft mood, use default settings
     effects, xero porcelin, use default settings

7.   On frame layer, add drop shadow of choice
      I used 2, -2, 85, 5, black

8.  Copy tube, resize as needed, I resized mine 75%
     Add drop shadow of choice (mine 3,-3,85,5 followed by -1,1,85,5)
     Move below border02 (the red one)
     remove excess so tube does NOT go below the ribbon

9.  Click on bottom layer, add new layer, flood fill with color of choice from image
     layer, new raster layer, flood fill white
     add mask of choice (resize mask layer as needed)

10. Hide white layer and merge visible,
      resize to your taste- do this BEFORE adding copyright and license information

11. Add any additional touches you wish

12. Add copyrights and license number (add thin white gradient glow as needed), give credit to scrapper

13. Save to your offers folder

14. Add font of choice, I used MonAmourScriptPro



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