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August 4, 2011

Butterfly dreams


1. A working knowledge of paintshop pro
2. Tube/image set of choice.
    I am using Erin Ewer from MyTubedArt
3. Font of choice, I used Angelina

Lets get started
1.  New image 500 x 500 (I like to work in smaller spaces, feel free to start larger)

2.  Eclipse tool- foreground Duotone Ivory Gradient
     angle 45, repeats 10, invert checked style linear
3.  Draw circle that encompasses about 3/4 of your palatte
     Line style solid, width 3, anti-alias checked, Miter limit 15
     convert to raster, duplicate (hide duplicated)
4.  Image copy image and paste as new layer behind the cirlce you just made
     position as desired
5.  Use magic wand, select all, select float, select modify- expand by 2, select invert and hit delete key on   
     image, select none
6.  Effects, artistic effects, topography width 0, density 77, angle 291, color to match image, okay
     *feel free to play with different effects
7.  Add drop shadow of choice to eclipse
8.  Copy tube and paste into desired location, resize as needed, add drop shadow of choice.
     *unhide duplicated circle if need be to assist you with erasing portion of tube as needed

***Accessories Feel free to add any accessories to make your tag "pop"

9.  Add copyrights and license number, save to offers folder
     Sharing Add name and share

Supplies needed:

1 comment:

  1. Just beautiful .. thank you for sharing this tutorial