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August 30, 2011

Bright Beauties

Bright Beauties


Tag made using Jasc Paint Shop Pro version 9

Supplies needed:

2 tubes of choice, I used 2 from Tatjana Willms my license is through Dreamscape Imaging

Font: brush-tip Terrence

I am assuming you have a basic working knowledge of psp.

I prefer smaller tags, you are welcome to work in a larger area if you prefer.

Lets get started.

1. New Image 450*450

2. Copy cbj_cpbb_9, paste as new layer

layer, raster layer, new raster layer, flood fill white

Add mask of choice and save group.

3.Copy cbj_cpbb_wpframe, paste as new layer

resize this layer 70% and center

4. Copy cbj_cpbb_leaves, resize 40%, free rotate 45% to the right

duplicate, place behind frame as desired

5. Copy cbj_cpbb_doublerib, resize 30%, move to right of frame

6. Copy cbj_cpbb_flowerbunch, paste as new layer, resize 40%, place along left edge

7.Copy tube of choice, paste as new layer, duplicate, send to bottom

(erase top tube until yours is sitting nicely in frame)

add drop shadow of choice to bottom layer

8. Copy cbj_cpbb_clip and paste as new layer, bring to top if not already there

9. Copy cbj_cpbb_cuteflower, paste as new layer- move to right end of clip

10. Copy cbj_cpbb_button paste as new layer, resize 80% move to top of flower

11. Add copyright, license number and credit to scrapper

12. Save to offers folder, add name and share


August 21, 2011

Sweet and Sassy

Sweet and Sassy

Tube of Choice- I am using a PUT 100-1 used with a license from CDO
Scrap kit- Girls of PMTw/S with Grunge and Glitter Portion
Font- Lindsay Party Gras
1. open new 750 * 750 we will resize later

2. Click on preset shape tool, eclipse, line style- dash dot, width 2, draw large circl

Pick color from tube for foreground, leave background blank

3. Change color of foreground to black and draw slightly larger circle

place to where they barely touch in the top right corner (see example)

move below dashed circle

effects, eyecandy 4, chrome, outdoor, default settings, ok

4. Copy paper2, paste into larger circle (line syled)

5. Use eraser tool and erase paper 2 from inner circle

6. Merge the two layers together

7. Eyecandy 4000, gradient glow, medium glow, color pink, with of choice, i use 4

8. Open paper11, select eclipse tool, on materials palate foreground blank, background choose the pattern from paper 11, draw a circle to fit inside dotted circle

* does not have to be perfect- move to bottom

9. Using a pixel or small fine print font (I used pixelberry font size8, anti-alias sharp, type the words sweet and sassy, conver to raster, repeat with different color and merge

10. Effects, MuRa's Filter Meister copies, tiling angle,okay

11. Click on layer with paper 11, select all, select float, select invert, click on text layer and hit delete, erase excess as needed

12. Merge visible and resize as desired

13. copy heartelement, paste as new layer, resize to fit inside dashdot, on layers palate change blend mode to overlay

14. Duplicat merged, adjust blur, guasion blur, 6, ok, move to bottom

image resize 110% (just this layer)

effects, distortion, wind from left (or right your choice), 10, ok

15. Effects, texture, mosaic glass, default settings okay, lower opacity to 75%

16. Copy tube, paste as new layer, add drop shadow of choice, I use 2, -2, 75, 5, black

17. copy steelmesh, paste as new layer, resize 50%, send to bottom

18. Add white raster layer to bottom, crop as desired

19. AFTER you have cropped and resized, add copyrights and licnese numbers

give credit to scrapper, save to offers folder

20. add a name and share
August 12, 2011



This is a fairly simple tutorial and should be easy to follow.
(If not, please let me know)
Scrap kit used: Grunge and Glitter Midnight Rendezvous
Tube: Flirting with Lumberjacks by Tin used with CDO license
Font: Fontasia
Lets get started:
1. New image: 600*600
2. Copy foilage4 and paste as new layer
 image mirror
image flip (this is our frame)
once you have positioned as desired, merge together
3. Copy image of choice, paste as new layer
bring below your frame
Select all, select float, select modify, feather, ok, 35, ok,
select invert, delete 6 x's, select none
4. Erase excess from edges around your frame
5. Merge frame together
add drop shadow of choice to frame
6. Hide bottom layer (should be blank)
image resize all layers 65%
unhide bottom layer, make this the active layer, image canvase size 600
7. Copy the clock, paste as new layer, move below image
8. Flood fill bottom layer, white, add mask of choice position as desired
9. Copy tube of choice and position on tag (I resize to fit directly over the image, this way it looks like it is popping out).
10. Crop/resize as desired
11. Add copyright and license information- don't forget to give credit to scrapper (see tag for example)
12. Save to offers folder
13. Add name and share

Thank you for looking...see easy peasy!
August 6, 2011

Summer Beauty


Summer Beauty
I am assuming you have a working knowledge of paint shop pro

Template: Fantasy Girl  
Scrap: Where the Boat Leaves from Grunge and Glitter  
Tube of choice, I used: 4-1 RobertFreeman_Autumn from CDO
Mask of choice
Font of choice, I used: A&S Snapper
Plugins used: Xero, Filters UL, Eye Candy

Lets get started
1.  Copy Template- Shift D, close the original
      image, resize, 400 pixels, 72dpi, all layers checked (I prefer smaller tags, feel free to make larger)
      merge the copyright layer and wordart layers and delete

2.  Copy paper7
     click on layer 4 of template
     using magic wand, select inside (pink square), paste into selections, select none
     effects, xero, soft mood- use default settings
     effects, distortion, wind: from left 15, ok

3.  On template, merge layers 2 and 3 (black rectangles)
     use magic wand and select both (select one and while holding shift select the other)
     paste into selection (you should still have paper 7 in que- if not copy and paste as above), select none
     effects, filters UL, paper textures, Japanese paper- intensity 84 lightness 87, apply
     add drop shadow of choice, I used a light one- 0, 0, 85, 5, black

4.  Copy paper 8
     On template, merge layers 7 and 8 (black circles)
     use magic wand and select both
     paste into selection, select none
     effects, inner bevel, settings: bevel 2, width 10, smoothness 25, depth 10, ambience 0, shininess 20, color
        white, angle 6, intensity 35, elevation 75
     effect, eye candy 4000, Motion trail: direction 225, length 44.85, taper 6, overal opacity 95, check smear
        color from edges, ok

5.  Copy frame 1, paste as new layer, resize 60% and duplicate
     place over each of the pink sparkle circles (layers 5 and 6)
     make it to where the ribbon portions of the circles are not seen
     delete the pink sparkle circles

6.  Copy ropeladder, paste as new layer,
     image, rotate, free rotate 30
     delete layer 1 of template (pink slant)
     effects, drop shadow 3, -3, 85, 5, black,ok

7.  Copy boat, paste as new layer
     change blend mode (below color palate) to overlay

8.  Copy ribbon 2, paste as new layer
     image resize 50%
     image, rotate, free rotate 90 right,
     move below #3

9.  Copy paper 7, paste as new layer, arrange send to bottom
     layer, new raster layer, flood fill white, arrange send to bottom
     add mask of choice

10. Copy and paste tube as new layer, arrange send to top, add drop shadow of choice

11. Add additional embelishments as desired

12. Hide bottom layer, merge visible, resize as desired

(do this BEFORE adding copyrights)

13. Place copyrights and any license numbers as well as scrap by: on tag

14. Save to offers folder

15. Add name and share
August 5, 2011



Tube of choice: Top Tag: Rossana Castellino-ravenclaw Bottom Tag Robin McQuay-Dancing with Pain- both used with a license from Dreamscape Imaging

Scrap of choice: I am using You Are by Schnegge, also used with a license from Dreamscape Imaging

Font- MonAmourScriptPro

Mask of choice

Lets Begin!

New Image W-550 H 550 w/ transparent background

1.  Copy foldedpaper_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image, Rotate, Free Rotate, 90 Left or right, your choice

2.  Copy frame01_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image resize, 65%, Do NOT have resize all layers checked
     Image rotate, free rotate 90 left (do NOT have rotate all layers checked)

3.  Copy border02_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image, resize 65%, position as desired on top of frame

4.  Copy bow11_YouAre_Schnegge, paste as new layer
     Image, resize 85%
     Image rotate, free rotate 40 left (do NOT have rotate all layers checked)
     Adjust, sharpness, sharpen more

5.  Copy IMAGE that matches or compliments your tube
     paste as new layer, move below frame
     use magic wand- select inside frame
     select modify expand 6,
     click on image, select invert and hit delete key

6.  Effects, xero soft mood, use default settings
     effects, xero porcelin, use default settings

7.   On frame layer, add drop shadow of choice
      I used 2, -2, 85, 5, black

8.  Copy tube, resize as needed, I resized mine 75%
     Add drop shadow of choice (mine 3,-3,85,5 followed by -1,1,85,5)
     Move below border02 (the red one)
     remove excess so tube does NOT go below the ribbon

9.  Click on bottom layer, add new layer, flood fill with color of choice from image
     layer, new raster layer, flood fill white
     add mask of choice (resize mask layer as needed)

10. Hide white layer and merge visible,
      resize to your taste- do this BEFORE adding copyright and license information

11. Add any additional touches you wish

12. Add copyrights and license number (add thin white gradient glow as needed), give credit to scrapper

13. Save to your offers folder

14. Add font of choice, I used MonAmourScriptPro


Subtle Lovers


1. A working knowledge of paint shop pro
2. Tube/Image of choice, I am using Eric and Shelly by AnimAEterna w/a license from Dreamscape Imaging
3. Scrap of choice, I am using Schnegge You Are - A freebie addon from Dreamscape Imaging
4. Font of choice, I am using: Angelica

Lets get started
1.  New Image 500x 500 you can resize to taste
2.  Copy frame_YouAreAddOn_Schnegge, resize 75%, image free rotate 90 degrees left
     Use magic wand, select inside frame, modify expand x 6
3.  Copy image, layer, new raster layer, paste into selection, select none, move below frame
     add drop shadow of choice to frame
4.  Copy thorns_YouAreAddOn_Schnegge, paste as new layer, bring to bottom, resize 75% add to left of
5.  Copy moon_YouAreAddOn_Schnegge, paste as new layer on top of frame, resize 50, move to just
     above the feather. change blend mode to overlay
6.  Copy flower02_YouAreAddOn_Schnegge, paste as new layer below the moon, resize 70%
7.  Copy tube of choice (should match image), add as new layer, place in desired location
8.  Add copyrights and license number
9.  Save to offers folder
10. Add a name and share

* I am doing easier tuts as I have been asked

Butterfly dreams


1. A working knowledge of paintshop pro
2. Tube/image set of choice.
    I am using Erin Ewer from MyTubedArt
3. Font of choice, I used Angelina

Lets get started
1.  New image 500 x 500 (I like to work in smaller spaces, feel free to start larger)

2.  Eclipse tool- foreground Duotone Ivory Gradient
     angle 45, repeats 10, invert checked style linear
3.  Draw circle that encompasses about 3/4 of your palatte
     Line style solid, width 3, anti-alias checked, Miter limit 15
     convert to raster, duplicate (hide duplicated)
4.  Image copy image and paste as new layer behind the cirlce you just made
     position as desired
5.  Use magic wand, select all, select float, select modify- expand by 2, select invert and hit delete key on   
     image, select none
6.  Effects, artistic effects, topography width 0, density 77, angle 291, color to match image, okay
     *feel free to play with different effects
7.  Add drop shadow of choice to eclipse
8.  Copy tube and paste into desired location, resize as needed, add drop shadow of choice.
     *unhide duplicated circle if need be to assist you with erasing portion of tube as needed

***Accessories Feel free to add any accessories to make your tag "pop"

9.  Add copyrights and license number, save to offers folder
     Sharing Add name and share

Supplies needed: