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July 8, 2011

Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty
Tutorial written in Paint Shop Pro version 9
Scrap TheOrchid_DarkYarrow
Tube- Fallen Angel by Sherin Moustafa used with License from Dreamscape Imaging
Font Angelica

New Image 500x500- transparent background

1. Copy frame 01, paste as new layer
Image, resize 65% (resize all layers NOT checked)
Move frame to top left hand corner
Image, rotate, free rotate 90 right
Duplicate bring down and over 3 (pixels), down 2(pixels) to the right

2. Copy IvyCluster, paste as new layer
Image, resize 65%
place on the top of the bottom frame

3.Copy ribbion01, paste as new layer
Image, resize 75%
Place on top of Ivy (see my tag for reference)

4.Copy Paper of choice
Use Magic wand to select inside of back frame, select, modify, expand by 6
layer, new raster layer, paste paper into selection, select none
move paper layer behind the frame

*repeat #4 with front frame

5.Copy tube (I used Sherin Moustafa-FallenAngel)
paste as new layer, resize as desired
Add dro shadow, I used 2,-2, 85,5

6. Add additional elements of choice

7. Add copyright and license information

8. Safe to your offers folder and add a name.

**Tutorial can also be done using a FTU kit of choice,



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