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July 8, 2011


This tutorial was written using Paint Shop Pro 9
Supplies Needed Tube of choice, I used Garrett Blair 50-2

found at Creative Design Outlet

Scrapkit by Carita- Rustique
Font- brush-tip Terrence from

Lets get Started

New Image W-300 H 500 w/ transparent background

1. copy notepaper3, paste as new layer

Image, Rotate, Free Rotate, 90 Left or right, your choice

Image resize, 75% Do NOT have Resize all layers checked

2. Copy arrow1*, paste as new layer

Image resize, 65%, Do NOT have resize all layers checked

Image flip, move to bottom of note paper

Right click arrow on layer palate, duplicate

send duplicate layer to the bottom (right click, arrange, send to bottom)

3. Copy clothespin3, paste as new layer

position near the top of the arrow on the left side where the arrow and the

noepaper meet

Image, resize 50%, add drop shadow of choice

I use 3,-3,85,5

4. Copy Net, paste as new layer

Image, resize 50%, move below pin and above arrow

5. Copy doodle, paste as new layer

Image, resize 75%, move to desired location. (mine is above arrow and net

On your blend mode palate, change blend mode to overlay

erase excess from the bottom as needed.

6. Click on original arrow, using eraser, erase excess from top of notepaper

(its okay if you go over, that is what the duplicated bottom layer is for- cover our over erasures)

7. Copy tube, resize as needed, I resized mine 90%

Add drop shadow of choice (mine 3,-3,85,5 followed by -1,1,85,5)

8. add any additional touches you wish

9. Add copyrights and license number, give credit to scrapper

10. save to your offers folder

11. Add font of choice, I used brush-tipTerrence

Thanks for looking.


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