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July 14, 2011

Inner Reflection


Name: Inner Reflection


Scrap- Willowwoods by Horsedreamn Designs purchased HERE
tube- ScorpionFlower by Ester Durães used with purchased license from Dreamscape Imaging and can be found HERE

Prep work

1. Go through and grab needed supplies from scrap kit and resize

I open each one, image, resize, change resolution to 72dpi and the longest portion (height/width 500 pixels), resize using weighted average (located at bottom)

file, save as and resave over the original sizing.

I do this for all supplies need and minimize.

2.Open fonts needed and minimize, open tube and minimize

Lets get started

1. New image 550x550 pixels, 72dpi, transparent background checked, ok

2. Copy HD_WillowWoods_element13 paste as new layer

3. Copy HD_WilloWoods_element_9, paste as new layer- resize to fit end of ribbon, see example

4. Copy HD_willoWoods_element_46, paste as new layer

5. Copy HD_willowoods_element_15, paste as new layer- resize to fit on top of ribbon, see example

6. Copy HD_willowwoods_element 32, paste as new layer; move below element 15

image, mirror, resize where some of the element sticks out of element 15, erase excess

7. Copy HD_willowwoods_element_23, paste over element 9, change blend mode from Normal to Overlay (under color palate in layers palate)

8. Hide element 23 and the white layer; merge visible

9. Unhide white layer (if you have one and element 23)

10.On the merged layer, selections select all, float, invert (ok), on the layer with element 23 select delete, select none, ok; merge element 9 with merged layer

11.Copy tube, paste as new layer, resize as needed, duplicate, hide duplicated layer

move visible layer to fit with element 9, I had to rotate mine using the raster deform tool to get it to fit

12. Unhide duplicated tube, move below merged layer and to the side until the eye is showing in the circle of element 15

13.With magic wand select inside inner circle of merged layer

selections, modify, expand 6 pixels, ok

selections, invert, on tube layer, hit delete, selections none, ok

14. On copied tube layer (with just eye showing)

effects, plugins, xero, porcelain ok (default settings)

15. On merged layer, effects drop shadow ( I use 1,-1,85,5, black and then the opposite)

16. Copy tube, paste as new layer, send to bottom- but above white layer (if used)

image, resize 70%, DO NOT CLICK resize all layers

17. Selections, select all, selections float, selections modify, feather 35, selections invert, hit delete 2-3 times, selections none, ok;  lower opacity to 28

18. If you are using white layer, hide and merge visible

19. Add copyrights and license numbers, give credit to the scrap maker, save to offers folder

20. Add name and share



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