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July 21, 2011

Creative Elegance


Tag made using Jasc Paint Shop Pro version 9

Scrap CBJ portion of Chaos Collab kit-grand opening can be found HERE or kit of choice

Tubes: The tube used in the first is example is from Anthony Guerra, I purchased his UL through CILM, which is no longer around, however his tubes can now be purchased from CDO HERE

The tube used in the second example is from Olivia and can be purchased from CDO HERE

Mask of choice- I do not remember where the one I used is from, so I cannot link nor can I supply

I am assuming you have a basic working knowledge of psp.
I prefer smaller tags, you are welcome to work in a larger area if you prefer.

Lets get started.

1. Open new transparent image 550 x 550 pixels (we will resize later)

2. Copy CBJ_ChaosClusterFrame, paste as new layer: Image, resize 35%, (I use weighted average)DO NOT have resize all layers checked, okay

Image, rotate, free rotate, right 90, okay

3. Copy CBJ_ChaosPearls, paste as new layer under the frame, resize 62%

4. Copy tube of choice and paste as new layer (optional add drop shadow, I use 2,-2,85,5).Use eraser tool to remove excess material from tube, should match up with frame (see example)

* I duplicate the original tube and send it below the frame, that way if I mess up I have a back up below the frame

5. Copy CBJ_ChaosCurledRibbonStars, paste as new layer, resize by 80%, rotate left 45%,

place above the frame/under the tube, erase as needed to make it look weaved.

6. Copy CBJ_ChaosFlower5 or element of choice, place behind tube on top of frame in location of choice, resize to fit frame (see example)

7. with CBJ_ChaosPaper11 open, click on eclipse tool, under materieal palate click on background and find the paper in the patters, angle 345, scale 100, ok

draw a circle to fit the frame you are currently NOT using with your tube (see example)

convert to raster, place under frame

8. Copy light colored paper, paste as new layer, send to bottom

layer, new raster layer, flood fill white

use mask of choice and merge group, resize as needed.

9. Add additional elements as disired.

10. Add copyrights and license numbers, save to offers folder

11. Add name and share.



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