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March 19, 2011


Art used in the above sample; images and tube ©Andrew Sussman.
I have purchased license from MTA to use his Art. Please do not use
his art without a license to do so.

Scrap kit- Symphony by CBJ. You can purchase it in her store.
Please do not use her kit without a license to do so.

This was written in PSP X2 (other versions should work with some



Alien Skin Eye Candy 6- gradient glow (optional)
Tube: you will need one tube of your choice

1. File- new 500x 50072dpi, Raster background, transparent (we will resize later)

2. Open and minimize supplies needed from scrap
a. CBJ_Symph_RibbonTwirl2
b. CBJ_Symph_GlitterRainbow
c. CBJ_Symph_BirdCage
d. CBJ_Symph_DiamondRainbowCloud

3. Copy and Paste the ribbon as new layer
a. resize 85%

4. Copy and Paste the birdcage
a. resize 35%
b. place on far right side of the ribbon

5. Copy and Paste the rainbow as a new layer
a. resize 25%, rotate with pick tool until the top of the rainbow touches the tip of the birdcage

6. Copy and Paste tube of choice
a. resize as desired
b. move next to birdcage

7. Duplicate tube
a. using your pick tool, click on the middle tab on tube (as highlighted by pick tool)
b. drag down until both tubes are touching
c. lower opacity of this tube to 50%

8. Add drop shadow of chice to ribbon and original tube

9. Copy the cloud and paste as new layer
a. move to top of rainbow
b. lower opacity to 78
*optional- add gradient glow soft white with an radius of 3.

10. Add appropriate copyright information and save.


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