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March 14, 2011

Flower March 13, 2011

1. Art used in the sample above: images by Dan Richards, I have purchased a license through CDO. Please do not use his art without purchasing a license. I used one image.
2. Paint Shop Pro X2, although I am sure this will work with earlier versions

Skill level: Intermediate

1. eclipse tool, color of choice in foreground, null in background

     a. draw a small circle, covert to raster
     b. duplicate 5 times, place in circle with sides touching, merge circles (make sure you have the sides of the
         circles touching when you merge, other wise you will not be able to select the inside of the flower)
     c. magic wand, select inside one of the circles, hold shift key and select inside the rest of the circles
     d. select all, select float, select modify expand x1 layer, new raster layer, paste image into selection, select
         none, place images layer below the circles

2. on circles layer, select inside the center where they touch
    a. select all select float, modify expand x1
    b. paste image as new layer, on float layer, select invert, on image layer delete.
        (your image should be a small star filling the inside of the flower)
    c. with that image selected, select all, select float, select feather 35, select inver, delete one time only  (this gives it a feathered effect
    d. merge visible

3. layer, new raster layer, pen tool, solid line, width 5

4. warp brush, right twirl, place along line until you are happy with the stem layer

5. new raster layer, pen tool, solid line, width 5;draw freehand, foreground color green (#49502d), background color null draw 1 leaf (its okay if it looks messy, when you let the mouse go, its smooth, align with stem

6. duplicate, mirror, place duplicate on other side of stem

7. layer, new raster layer, pen tool, dot line, width 3, draw freehand, foreground color black, background color null, draw 1 line through leaf, align with stem.

8. duplicate, mirror, place duplicate on other side of stem

9. merge visibe, duplicate

10. hide top layer

11. click on bottom layer
      a. effects, texture effects, mosaic glass with the following settings:
      b. # of columns 61, # of rows 88, glass curvature 26%, edge curvature 71%, grout width 2, grout 
          diffusion 2%, okay
     b1 settings with PSP 9:  # of columns 55, # of rows 82, glass curvature 61, edge curvature 10, grout
          width 9, grout diffustion 1512 effects, distortion, wind, from left 4, okay

13. unhide top layer

14. using crop tool, crop around flower

15. add copyright and license number

16. save as jpeg or png, your choice

17. add name of recipient/ snag
*Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions, comments or concerns-
   email me at
Another example is below using the artwork of Sherri Krynack and can be purchased at MTA
Example by Rae- thanks for doing my tut!

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  1. Love this tutorial can't wait to try it out. Love your site.