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June 28, 2010

"USA" Pride

Hi! Here is a tutorial I wrote today and hope you all enjoy it.

It is a fairly simple tutorial and please keep in mind that this is new for me:)

For this tutorial you will need a working knowledge of psp as well as an open mind.

I have used a scrapkit called I Love USA by Carita and you can find purchase it HERE.

I have also used 2 photographs (1 regular and 1 feathered) from Hawaiian Cowgirl and you can purchase them HERE

Font is called Showcard

Lets get started. a new image 600 x 600 (you can resize later)

2.copy the frame and paste as a new layer

3.Paste feathered picture on top of the center frame.

(I used the soften brush to blend the sides into the frame)

4.Use magic wand to click inside the left box of the frame

select, select all, select modify, expand x 4

5. layer, new raster layer, paste into selection

move below framed layer

6. repeat for the right side (before doing this, I mirrored original picture)

***at this point you may need to reposition the feathered layer to make it flow****

7. Select heart element (multicolored in the shape of a heart)

copy/paste below the photo and the frame

Do not resize *soften as needed

8. Select the "USA" word art

copy/paste on top and toward the bottom center of the feathered layer

resize 40%

9. Add drop shadow V -1, H 1, Opacity 80, Blur 3, Color black

10. At this point I adjusted the color of the frame to a light blue (this is optional)

11. Add correct copyright information, resize and save

I hope you enjoyed the tut, if you have any questions, please email me at or

xoxo Paully


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