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June 11, 2010

Huachui's Beauty/Gorjuss Friends

Supplies needed:

working knowledge of psp

3-5 tubes of choice

font of choice

1. open psp

2. file new (Ctrl + N) 450 x 450- can be resized later as needed

3. use rectangle preset; white foreground, null background, width 5

make rectangle as large/small as you would like

4. convert to raster

5. copy and paste your tubes into rectangle

6. click inside rectangle, select all, select float, modify 3, select invert, click on each tube and hit


7. merge tube layers

8. click on rectangle layer, select all, select float, modify 4

layer, new layer, flood fill with color of choice, change opacity to about 60, select none, move

below rectangle layer, above tubes layer

9. click on rectangle layer, add drop shadow of choice

10. merge rectangle layer, color layer, tubes layer

11. duplicate

12. on original (bottom); adjust blur gausion blur 2

13. effects, texture, weave (gap 22, width 1, opacity 96, ok)

14. click on duplicated layer (top)

15. resize 96% (make sure resize all layers is NOT checked)

16. merge visible, resize as needed

17. add copyright and save

18. if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or email me at

*on the Gorjuss tag, I softened the back layer


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