February 19, 2017

February 18, 2017

Zindy Snags

Snags using the beautiful artwork of Zindy S. D. Nielsen.  The tube is called Heartbroken and can be purchased here

 photo beautiful.pa.zzt.heartbrokenbeauty.2.18_zpsjtemdt5l.png
 photo hello.pa.zzt.heartbrokenbeauty.2.18_zps7d3xtyaq.png
 photo thanks.pa.zzt.heartbrokenbeauty.2.18_zpsvudhsy3j.png
 photo hugs.pa.zzt.heartbrokenbeauty.2.18_zpsmyvaehx1.png

February 17, 2017

CT Tag Show off- Goth Princess by Freeks Creations

CT Tag show off: Goth Princess by Freeks Creations 
This adorable kit is perfect for use in all of your tags and layouts.  This kit Is Available To Purchase From Mystical Scraps Store here

 photo thanks.pa.db.gothprincess.2.17_zpscc8ktigg.png
 photo congrats.pa.db.gothprincess.2.17_zpsygj7t95p.png
 photo seeya.pa.db.gothprincess.2.17_zpshrzjwjwm.png
 photo hey.pa.db.gothprincess.2.17_zpsrc3ixufc.png

February 16, 2017

CT Tag Show off- Feelin' Irish by Freeks Creations

CT TAG SHOW OFF- Feelin' Irish by Freeks Creations
Feelin' Irish is a fabulous and versatile kit by Freeks Creations.
Perfect for use in your tags and layouts, this kit is available to purchase from
Mystical Scraps Store here

 photo pa.mh.cdo.feelingirish.2.16.greatjob_zpsyev42rqm.png
 photo pa.mh.cdo.feelingirish.2.16.thank you_zpsqrj1nhbk.png
 photo pa.mh.cdo.feelingirish.2.16.snagged_zpscrp0qg9q.png
 photo pa.mh.cdo.feelingirish.2.16.goodluck_zpsvsi49qco.png

 photo pa.mj.cilm.feelingirish.2.16.snagged_zpskqcu5zmu.png
 photo pa.mj.cilm.feelingirish.2.16.ivoted_zps7usrohpo.png
 photo pa.mj.cilm.feelingirish.2.16.goodmorning_zpsnmxbjwrx.png

CT Tag Show off- Seaside by Creative Scraps by Crys

CT TAG SHOW OFF- Seaside by Creative Scraps
Seaside is A Fabulous kit by Creative Scraps by Crys
Perfect For Your  Use In Your Tags And Layouts.This Kit Is Available To Purchase From
Mystical Scraps Store here

 photo snagged.pa.sb.seasideesc.2.16_zpspqwtxflf.png
 photo tgif.pa.sb.seasideesc.2.16_zpsaul5gqnx.png
 photo congrats.pa.sb.seasideesc.2.16_zpscrg8gohd.png
 photo beautiful.pa.sb.seasideesc.2.16_zpsoczukgxj.png

February 13, 2017

February 12, 2017

Karen Middleton Snags

Snags using the amazing artwork of Karen Middleton.  Used with license purchased from CDO here

 photo pa.km.sittingpretty.2.11.snagged_zps1qvlcy0c.png
 photo pa.km.sittingpretty.2.11.hello_zpsjulkj8ut.png
 photo pa.km.sittingpretty.2.11.greatjob_zpsz3cctot9.png
 photo pa.km.sittingpretty.2.11.tysm_zpsndf2lmoz.png